What we offer

Large product range

There are a lot of products that we produce on a large scale. A lot of them are in Cataloque but we produce more, if you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us . We are able to attend your wishes. For example: you would like shovel stick in color or different lenght. But it depends on quantity of your demand.

Individual negotiation

We would like to comunicate with our customers in their mother tongue and personal. We believe in power of personal negotiation. For communication with distant customers we prefer email, phone or skype communication.

Transport possibilities

Our company dispose of 6 AmE trucks, we are able to attend transport our products to you or place of destination. Except of our lorries we use external contractors.

Max. responsiveness

"Náš zákazník, náš pán" means something like "Our customer, our master" in english. This is our motto and we trying to do our best to customers satisfaction, because it is our priority.

We have tradition

Enterprise was set up by Zdeněk Štůsek sen. in 1992 on grounds of collective. Company is specialized on wood-sticts from beginning. We export our products into EU countries like Germany, Slovakia or Poland. Former company - Dřevovýroba Zdeněk Štůsek was transformed in Štůsek - DVB s.r.o. in 2010. There are two leaders Jaromír Štůsek and Zdeněk Štůsek jun.


„Faith is one of the most effective tools in the human equipment. I believe that faith works.“

Henry Ford

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